Monday, July 7, 2008


Our workspace: the warehouse on port

Liz and Angelo doing 'the job'

After a long night’s sleep, went down to the warehouse by the docks, where all our gear was shipped from Hawaii months ago. First, we checked to see if everything had arrived, and then we began work assembling the gear for our expedition, in particular the time-lapse camera tripods. These tripods will support digital cameras taking pictures of the seafloor at a depth of 500 m for seven months. The tripods are made of an aluminum frame bolted together will stainless steel bolts. To avoid corrosion during seven months in the ocean, the stainless bolts need to be carefully isolated from the aluminum frame of the tripod with plastic washers and electrical tape. This makes the tripod assembly a very slow, painstaking task. Liz and Angelo are the tripod masters, having spent hours twisting and taping bolts.

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