Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Christian's sail boat: goodbye Hawaii

After almost 6 months of anxious wait we are again preparing to leave the warm temperatures of Hawaii to freeze our nose tips on the gelid Antarctic Peninsula. This will be our last expedition to the Antarctic continent as part of the FOODBANCS project and we all expect it will be the most exciting. It will be another 5 weeks at sea aboard of the US Antarctic research vessel Lawrence Gould.
This past weekend our scientific party from University of Hawaii had the last opportunity to enjoy the sun and the beach. Surfing at the North shore and wine tasting at the Ala Moana harbour aboard Christian's sail boat were the activities selected by our group as the best way to say goodbye to Hawaii. Some will not be back until the end of March.
We are flying to Punta Arenas in Chile where our adventures start all over again. This time we will be stopping in Patagonia Chilena for a one-week hike in the famous W-trail inside the Torres del Paine National Park. It would be a warm up before the real deal in the Antarctic Ocean.
We will likely be posting some pictures and stories about our visit to Torres del Paine as well. National Geographic ranks this place as top-5 most beautiful places in the world. So we are hoping to see gorgeous sceneries and wildlife. Stay tuned for good adventures and new stories from our brave team of oceanographers!! See you soon! Aloha!!

Pipeline: a perfect Saturday!


Anonymous said...

The sea pigs welcome you back!!!
I wish i was there and send my best to all for successful mission. Treat those newbies right.
Fair winds

rex said...

Please include me on your list of updates at my work address! Rarezzo@nyharborschool.org
I look forward to hearing from you

Anonymous said...

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