Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hello there! Today we woke up with a few surprises from our crew from North Carolina State University. As usual, and same as for the past two cruises, they always bring aboard funny and inventive paraphernalia to prevent our routines onboard from falling into a boring and tedious schedule (I mean when action in the back deck is not taking place of course). When we woke up this morning the whole ship had been decorated for Valentines Day. All the lab spaces, the galley, and the lounge had received special care from Alyssa, Kim, Brian, Rebecca and Linda. We even got some thematic tattoos expressing our deepest feelings for our beloved soul mates that stayed onshore many miles away.

In the middle of this celebration we also had some time to start preparing the real science action that will take place about a week from now. The enthusiastic science group from Hawaii spent a few hours labeling sample jars, plastic bags, cryo-vials, etc., that we will be using to collect or precious water, sediment, and invertebrate tissue samples.

Today there is another scheduled scientific presentation in the conference lounge. The resenters are from University of Washington and will be talking a little about their planned research in James Ross Island. Last night the ship was rocking a little too hard during the science presentation and a few people from the audience had to retreat to their bunks to get some rest and avoid feeling seasick. Tonight, at about 9:00 pm, is the programmatic arrival at Livingstone Island where tomorrow morning we will be setting the first field camp. We are all excited about
our first day on Antarctic soil. Stay tuned!!

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