Thursday, March 5, 2009

Station AA

Hi folks! We are back with a brief message about the last couple of days.
The weather has been helping a lot, with calm seas and ‘warm’ temperatures of 1 degree Celsius above zero.

You will find bellow a few more samples of the sea creatures we collected from the bottom of the ocean at the Antarctic Peninsula shelf. These were collected with the Otter trawl. Here, at the northern stations (AA and later on at B) of our transect, we use the Otter trawl instead of the
Blake trawl since we have smaller amounts or barely any rocks on the sea floor. The Otter trawl works better in the muddy bottoms we find here, and efficiently collects a great diversity of life forms from the sea bottom.

Take a look at those; while some people might think they are scary others will simply just fall in love with!

We finished our work at station AA and have 14 hours of transit to station B where the science work for the last FOODBANCS-2 cruise will be finished. After that we have to stop at Palmer station and later on recover the field camp base at James Ross Island. We come back soon with news from station B.


Joan said...

I was just talking via sat phone with my son, Dan Powers, yesterday, expressing the desire to be a "fly on the wall" of your expedition. He put me on to this blog. It's great! I'm now in the the process of reading backwards to the beginning of the cruise. Thank you so much for the updates! The photos are amazing too.
Joan Powers

UH Manoa Ocean researchers said...

Hi Joan,
we are now back in Hawaii. I hope you had fun following our adventures. It was really exciting!

The Smith Lab from Hawaii